A peer network makes you & your company save time, money, and stress
Joining a confidential forum where you can openly and honestly share your uncertainties, questions, problems, and challenges, and get support, feedback, and inspiration from the best brains within your function is a huge relief. You save a lot of time not having to reinvent the wheel and not having to outsource tasks to expensive consultants.

A peer network is the fastest and most effective way of learning
Peers that have the same function and responsibilities in comparable companies are the best to understand to each other’s worlds. Our members use each other like a sounding board to test their ideas, compare organizations/strategies/tools/processes, share KPIs/policies/scorecards/templates, and together we identify actionable solutions and future best practices.

A peer network improves performance
Being able to tap into the collective intelligence of a network allows you to achieve better results, grow your influence and improve your impact. Gaining new perspectives and ideas will contribute to better informed decisions, more innovative problem-solving and continuous improvement.

A peer network makes you more creative and responsive to change
The world is changing so fast, and you can’t possibly know it all. By prioritizing time to reflect together on business transformation, new ways of working, trends, future threats & opportunities, you will be better prepared to face the challenges ahead and ensure business continuity and growth. During EGN meetings, we discuss members’ priorities and real-life cases – we don’t do passive conferences or lectures with no actionable take-aways.

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