Members of this peer group

Members and candidates must have in-depth knowledge in Learning, Training & Development and be the L&D decision-makers and influencers within their organizations.

The members of this group all work in non-competing medium and large Belgian or multinational companies located in Belgium and represent diverse industries. They wish to benchmark their company processes, and discuss innovative strategies, tools & technology to reimagine L&D and stay on the cutting edge.

Some topics of interest

The challenges of L&D professionals are numerous e.g. dealing with change, developing leaders, engaging learners, delivering consistent training, skills application, conflict management, tracking & post assessment, improving learning effectiveness, demonstrating value to leadership, adapting training to millennials, etc.

The members of this peer group share their lessons learned, exchange ideas and reflect on future best practices. They focus on both longer-term strategic issues and more immediate challenges.

With the help of the chair, members select and prioritize the topics of interest that they want to deep-dive into during the five-yearly half-day meetings. It could be:

  • Build a Continuous Learning Culture and Learning Agility
  • The Future of Learning – Key Trends for 2022 and Beyond
  • Providing Training for the Hybrid Workplace Model
  • Swift Upskilling and Reskilling.
    Agile Learning Methodologies Which Focus on Speed, Flexibility, Cooperation, Balance
  • Measuring the Effectiveness and Sustainable Impact of Learning.
  • Performance-Oriented Training
  • Using a Data-Driven Approach to Learning Strategies
  • Bite-Size Microlearning
  • Soft skills Training, Increasing Empathy and EQ
  • Onboarding - Time to Competence
  • Partnering Inside and Outside Best Practices
  • Doing More With Less
  • Learning Experience Models - Personalization, AI, UX, Learning in Flow, LMS - 2.0
  • And many more.

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