Heads of Compliance

In 2020, organizations have faced an alarming rise in cyberattacks, supply chain constraints, employee health & safety, corporate governance, and diverse other risks. 2021 will be another ‘year like no other’ as we continue to deal with disruption and adapt to change. AML regulations, conflicts of interest, innovation & technology driving new demands, volume and pace of regulatory and political change, personal liability, and ethics and integrity issues are among the biggest challenges facing today’s compliance leaders.

Do not stay alone with this extremely challenging job. Let’s share lessons learned, gain new perspectives/ideas/solutions to solve common challenges faster and reflect together on future best practices.

Members of this peer group
Members are the executives and decision-makers in charge of compliance and ethics within their organizations.

Chief Compliance and Ethics Officers (by title or de facto) Group/Head of /VP/ Director of Compliance, Head of /VP/ Director of Legal, Compliance & Ethics, Head of Risk Management & Compliance (& Audit) are the primary members of this peer group.

We ensure a good mix of industries creating diversity of perspectives and a richness of innovative ideas for you and your company. No consultants, no competitors, no sponsors are accepted in the groups, but we regularly invite experts.

Some topics of interest
Our meetings focus on the challenges our members find the most important. They exchange views and experience, gain new perspectives, get feedback on their ideas, and reflect on future best practices.
The discussions are held on the strategic level. Some hot topics could be:

  • Anti-money laundering regulations
  • Conflict of interest
  • Innovation and technology driving new demands e.g., AI, automation, people analytics
  • Regulatory and political change e.g., GDPR, 5MLD, cybersecurity, Brexit, Covid-19
  • Data privacy and data protection
  • The rapidly evolving role of Head of Compliance and Ethics: reporting lines to CEO/GC/audit, independence, empowerment, collaboration with legal, HR, risk, and other key functions
  • Personal liability
  • Code of conduct, ethics and integrity, corporate culture, workplace politics
  • Due diligence of suppliers
  • Compliance from process to values
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Whistleblowing and compliance – best practices for managing expectations
  • Insourcing vs outsourcing, limited resources
  • Future skills of the Head of Compliance & Ethics and team members
  • Climate change and ESG as a key driver of value, risk, and opportunity. Responsible investments
  • Anti-bribery, anti-corruption, competition, anti-trust, trade controls and many others

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