Member Testimonials

Video Testimonials from our Members 

Véronique Van Geel, HR-Director at Accenture:
“What I really like is the exchange, the network with colleagues and peers, the free coaching tips and the sharing of best practices”.  “What I Like the most about EGN is that it is a good parameter, it gives me the opportunity to know if I am pioneer on some topics and behind on others”.

Jean-Louis Guelton, Executive VP Manufacturing & Supply Chain at IBA Group:
“At one of our first meeting, we were discussing how to implement HR Skills into the personal world. For me, this was very valuable, because it gave me the opportunity to discuss HR related problems in a new perspective.”

Mathijs Luts, Supply Chain Director EMEA & India at Abbott
“ I felt it was necessary to expand my network, grow new relationships within the industry itself but also with peers from different industries. That is really the reason why I joined EGN.”

"I volunteered to prepare and host one of the initial meetings. This was a great experience. Initially, I felt it a bit like a homework activity to prepare the topic with other members, but it was a great process and meaningful for all participants.”

“I am very happy to be a member of EGN, and I look forward to getting to know some of the other members, not only from my group but across different groups and functions as well, and hopefully take some learning and meaningful experiences away from it.”


Hubert Van Nuvel, VP HR at Levi Strauss Europe:
 “For me, learning from others is important if you want to continue to grow. It has been a great decision to join EGN”

Catherine Stroobant, EMEA Talent Management Leader at Solvay:
“I am very pleased to be involved in this network for the first year; it is my first experience. As an experienced HR, it always brings value to be able to connect with others”

“EGN gathers people with the same kind of responsibilities, the same level of contributions and the same kind of interests, so it really connects to my reality and to my needs.”

Veronica Cabedo, HR-Director and now Chair of several EGN B Peer Groups:
“I started being a member of EGN’s HR-Director Benelux group, and I found it so insightful creating networks, co-creating solutions and having debates on the key questions we all had.”  


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