With Keynote Speaker Dr. Alan Watkins

On 26/10/18, we had invited Dr. Alan Watkins and he delivered a very insightful and entertaining speech.

Dr. Alan Watkins is physician, psychologist, neuroscientist, immunologist, expert in leadership and human performance and coach for leading FTSE 100 as well as UK Olympic teams.

See our visual résumé of the day made by Antoine, EGN Belgium Chair and a short atmosphere video.

"This was a great day, very interesting thoughts and ideas brought by a brilliant mind opener"

Rudi Stegen - Rentokil Initial


"Alan Watkins made me think in a different way about change. Very useful models to apply in many companies and situations. The main key takeaway is to develop people for change"

Annick De Pelsemaeker - Beiersdorf


"First time that I attend an EGN event, very well organized, inspiring speakers and great people to meet"

Florence Rade - GSK


"I enjoy the opportunity to step out of the day-to-day & challenge my thinking + take back home new learning & literature suggestions. I truly enjoyed networking with individuals in various industries & positions"

Sonja Cornakov - Ingersoll Rand


"Nice networking event and team with passionate, approachable, knowledgeable people in a relaxing setting"

Ine Salmon - Donaldson

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